Welcome to the new HDDW website! It looks a lot like the old site, but we simplified the organization, removed obsolete articles, and made it mobile-friendly. Give it a try on your phone or tablet!

Most of LaVonne's articles from the old site are now under LaVonne's Blog; on the old site these were split between Research, News, and Opinions & Features. The old Treatments articles are still under Treatments. We retired the old Clinical Trials section because it was dreadfully out-of-date; we're working on a replacement. We also retired the old Helpful Links, because they no longer seemed very helpful. We got rid of the old multi-level, dropdown menus which many people found hard to operate.

Those of you who like to bookmark pages may notice that the addresses on the new site are much more sensible. Bookmarks you may have to the old site should continue to work.

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