Status: Actively recruiting at multiple international sites, including many in the US.

Study name: Enroll-HD

Study Type: International longitudinal observational

Sponsor: CHDI Foundation, Inc

Trial design: Study candidates include all individuals 18 years of age or older in families impacted by Huntington's disease: those who carry the gene expansion whether expressing symptoms or before symptoms have developed, those who are at risk, but have not tested for gene expansion, and first or second degree relatives not at risk (spouses, and those who have tested negative for gene expansion). Individuals who have juvenile-onset HD are eligible to enroll. Travel and lodging reimbursement is provided.

Study Goals: To develop a global database of demographic, clinical features, family history, genetic characteristics, and blood samples from Huntington's disease families that will enable participation in clinical research.

Measures: Multiple clinical tests including measures of cognition, motor signs, behavioral symptoms, and functional capacity. A blood sample will be obtained each year for chemical biomarker study.

Location: 200 anticipated. Sites presently enrolling are listed here.