Updated May 8, 2008

The European Huntington Disease Network (EHDN) has begun recruiting for a PHASE 3 study of ACR-16 in Europe that will involve about 420 patients. This clinical trial will test 2 different dosages of the drug and last for 6 months. We are more than a bit behind. Start dates for the U.S. counterpart, an earlier PHASE 2 trial that will last for 3 months have not been announced.

EHDN science writer Dr. Diana Raffelsbauer's interview with Dr. Arvid Carlsson, the nobel laureate who discovered the molecule is presented in EHDN's inaugural newsletter.

The EHDN's newsletter "will report progress in HD research and development of treatments for HD to affected families, the general public, health care professionals and the scientific community." The linked article on ACR-16 is taken directly from their web version: ACR16 article from EHDN

The entire newsletter can be accessed from the EHDN website (upper right corner).