HDBuzz is a great new source for updates in Huntington's disease research with a focus on subjects that have relevance for people in the near term, and not so much about the potential "breakthroughs" that are a decade or more away from people. Articles are written in "plain" language by scientists, who in turn ask for our comments, questions and suggestions for future articles. Community research reporting doesn't get better than this . .

Featured articles in the launch edition of HDBuzz include updates on:

  • Two available drugs: minocycline was not helpful in an HD human trial, and memantine was helpful for mice at low dosage but harmful in higher dosage. Human trials are planned for memantine.
  • Huntexil (formerly ACR 16) human trial results were good, but probably not good enough for FDA approval without another trial with positive results.
  • HD population study in Britain that suggests that there are twice as many HD people as previously estimated.
  • TRACK-HD, an observational trial that is finding clinical and MRI measures that can be used in clinical trials for pre and early HD.
  • ENROLL-HD, a new global study and registry for HD.

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HDBuzz brings hope because it gives good information on those things that may benefit us in the shorter term. Check it out.