Lundbeck has announced a collaboration with Dr. Neil Aronin from the University of Massachusetts and several collaborators to work on preclinical (before people) RNAi therapies for Huntington's disease. Dr. Neil Aronin is one of the leading researchers of allele-specific silencing, or RNAi that targets only the mutant gene product, while maintaining the normal protein.

This funding support by Lundbeck shows that the company interest in Huntington's goes further than Xenazine® (tetrabenazine).

Why is this type of research important? In the words of Anne Young, MD, PhD, Chief of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital. "In my opinion, this approach hits the disease right at its core. If this method can reduce the huntingtin protein throughout the brain, it carries the potential to change the course of the disease." Our thanks to Lundbeck for supporting this collaboration.