This week the news is our own as we launch a new focus and look to the HDDW web site. All subsequent articles will focus solely on treatments and clinical trials for Huntington's Disease. Articles will be separated into sections that include treatment and clinical trial news, research relevant to treatments, and feature/opinion articles.

The first goal is to supply information on old treatments: available drugs, supplements, lifestyle and alternative therapies that may give benefit to Huntington's people. These treatments are further separated into those that are used for chorea or psychiatric symptoms, and those that may provide neuroprotection or delay the progression of disease. Though the benefit of the majority of treatments, either those for symptoms or neuroprotection, have not been proved by clinical trials, the evidence that is available will be presented.

Our second goal is to present information on clinical trials and new treatments as they develop. Clinical trials will be separated into those that are completed, those that have begun enrolling participants or are still in the study phase, and those that are in planning stages.

The path to treatment for Huntington's has been like a train that gathers speed as first one, then several supplements and drugs have been found to treat the disease in animal models. Though the train has slowed with recent negative results in Miraxion trials, we remain optimistic that treatments for people will come. With scientists learning more about the disease, and CHDI, Huntington's own drug company adding drug development energy, and HSG at the ready for clinical trials; there is nothing that will stop this train.