Coenzyme Q-10 (often abbreviated CoQ-10) is a supplement that can be bought over the counter at health stores or "on line".

Mechanism of Action: Coenzyme Q-10 plays a vital role in energy production, and it acts as an antioxidant.

Rationale for Use in Huntington's: Research studies have shown that Coenzyme Q-10 reduces brain injury in mouse models [Ferrante RJ 2002], and improves energy metabolism in Huntington's people [Koroshetz WJ 1997]. It also demonstrated a "trend" toward benefit in a large trial of Huntington's people which used 600 mg per day of Vitaline Coenzyme Q-10 [Huntington Study Group 2001]. A subsequent study in Parkinson's Disease suggested that higher dosages give greater benefit. [Shults CW 2004].

Dosage: Dosage determination is difficult for this product because bioavailability, or how much product is actually absorbed into blood, varies widely between products. Of preparations that are available, I recommend either Tischon's Q-gel or Vitaline. Q-gel is the best absorbed: 600 mg of Q-gel gives the same blood level as 1200 mg of Vitaline. At lower dosage, the Tischon product gave best mouse survival in a recent mouse study comparing Coenzyme Q-10 preparations [Smith KM 2006]; please note that Vitaline results were not reported in this study. The Huntington Study Group Coenzyme Q-10 human trial will be using 2400 mg of the Vitaline product.

"Statin" drugs that are used to decrease cholesterol deplete Coenzyme Q-10. Those on these drugs should consider higher dosage.

Contraindications: Coenzyme Q-10 has structural similarities to vitamin K and should be used with care in those on coumadin or warfarin blood thinners.

Side Effects: This drug can cause nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach and loss of appetite. Insomnia and liver enzyme elevations have been reported with higher dosages.

Sources: Consumer Lab (CL) is not helpful because only a few products have been tested (and reported) for bioavailability. Therefore the list is short.

  • Tischon/Epic for Health "ChewQ" Cost for 600 mg wafer, 1 or 2 per day, is $185 to $375 per month. Remember that 600 mg of Tischon is equal to 1200 mg of Vitaline. This dosage should be split into 3 or 4 times per day with meals. The product can be obtained from Tishcon's online store.
  • Vitaline Cost for 300 mg wafers, 4 or 8 per day (1200-2400 mg), is $260 to $520 per month. This dosage should be split into 3 or 4 times per day. The product can be obtained from Vitaline's online store.


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