Healthy Life Style: Healthier Body and Brain

Re-posted September 1, 2014 by LaVonne Goodman, M.D.

Why is a healthy life style important in HD?  A big part of the answer include factors that promote the process of neuroplasticity. The "plasticity" part of neuroplasticity refers to capacity to change, similar to how plastic is malleable and can be made into many shapes.  Similarly, neuroplasticity describes the ability of nerve cells to change -- based on various forces -- by making new, or stronger connections to other nerve cells in the brain. Healthy life style factors promote these forces.  And vitally important in brain diseases, healthy life style factors can help preserve brain function while damage occurs.

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Treatment Guidelines for Huntington's: Who needs them?

Posted by LaVonne Goodman M.D.

During my years as an internal medicine physician, I have used standard of care guidelines for my patients with conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Guidelines are developed by experts in each disease who translate clinical trial evidence and/or expert experience into recommended care patterns for use in medical offices or at the bedside. When followed, guidelines have been central to improving the quality of care provided by all physicians whether they are specialists or generalists.   


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