2014: A Yin-Yang year for HD

Posted November 17, 2014 by LaVonne Veatch Goodman, M.D.

Particularly during this past year, living with Huntington's disease (HD) has been full of its ups and downs. First there was the hope in ongoing clinical trials of both coenzyme-Q-10 and creatine. Then there was sadness and fear that came with their failures.  And now hope is springing again for new drugs coming to clinical trials now that will take a few years to complete.  No doubt this Yin-Yang cycle will continue for HD, just as it does for other diseases.

However, there may be reason to believe in the chance of greater success this next time around.


Posted November 2, 2014 by LaVonne Goodman, M.D.

"Bummed" was what this author felt after the recent announcement of the failed trial of creatine for Huntington's disease (HD).  We can put some positive spins on recent trial failures; we have learned how to run large clinical trials, we can learn from negative outcomes, and best of all hundreds of HD individuals are freed up to participate in other (potentially better) trials.  But the reality is that this is one more disappointing failure in an increasingly long string of negative trials. The community is bummed.  Saying it straight is better, helps us to get over it, get up and go on to what comes next.

A story comes to mind . .

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Treatment Guidelines for Huntington's: Who needs them?

Posted by LaVonne Goodman M.D.

During my years as an internal medicine physician, I have used standard of care guidelines for my patients with conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Guidelines are developed by experts in each disease who translate clinical trial evidence and/or expert experience into recommended care patterns for use in medical offices or at the bedside. When followed, guidelines have been central to improving the quality of care provided by all physicians whether they are specialists or generalists.   


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